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Single Review: “Only Just Begun” – Marseille

Marseille are a problem. These guys write infectious tunes that just make you want to sing along to, and “Only Just Begun” is no exception. 

This is a song that’s all too easily relatable being the one that the person you have your eye on knows that you want to be there for them. 

I like the chords on this, very simple but there are multiple layers, the drums are supplemented by tambourines and I like the way the vocals are mixed with echoes and sound so clean. 

There’s such a bit of a psychedelic feel to this, it kind of reminds me of The La’s…. 

To me Marseille have big things ahead. 

Marseille are a young rock n roll band formed in late 2021 in Derby, England. The band consists of Will Brown, Joe Labram, Lennon Hall, Tom Spray and most recently Felix Moxey. Signed to Birmingham based label ADR Records, the 90’s Madchester scene and the 60’s Merseybeat is where Marseille draw most their influences from.


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