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Song Review: “She Moves” – Carrie Grant

Carrie Grant released her album today, and this is the third track in the running order. I have not been able to progress past this one.

It’s a piano based ballad, with strings and a strong backdrop of harmonies that are hinted at but it only appears once just leaving space for Carrie to do her thing. 

And boy does she! 

This song for me reminds me a little of Kate Bush, but at the same time there are folk sensibilities, both in the lyrics and the melody. I like the fact she speaks and whispers certain lines:

“But for now…” and “Now I’m crying.”

 Carrie’s voice is just stunning, and I wouldn’t expect any less any less from someone of her professional standing –  if you don’t know about what she’s done in the past I double dare you to look her up.

Her and her husband David. 

Legends both of them. 


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