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Single Review: “When Love Comes (Jae Euax Remix)”

This song comes with such a gentle Afro beat flavour that took me back to the mother land.

Sharyn dropped a gospel flavour that fuses beautiful harmonies with a beat that has percussion doing most of the work, but with the occasional 808 dropping a kick here and there. But this is not about the beat. 

This is about the message in the lyrics and Sharyn’s vocal delivers that perfectly, singing:

Is He the messiah? (oh)

Isn’t He the Lord of all?

Is He the one that we’ve all been waiting for?

Is He the messiah? (oh)

Isn’t He the Lord of all?

Is He the one that we’ve all been

been waiting for…

The arrangement is stunning and just catches you off guard with the way it swirls around you, which reminds me..

It’s mixed in Dolby Atmos. 

That’s next level. 

Award winning artist Sharyn (pronounced sha-reen) is a breath of fresh air. Since coming into the gospel and music scene in 2019, she continually showcases her versatility, from afrobeats to R&B, soul, garage and pop, placing no limits on the genres and soundscapes she continues to create. In a few short years, Sharyn has amassed millions of streams, radio play from stations such as Radio 1 and BBC1XTRA. 

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