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Blog interview: Tony Goff And The Broken Colours

Hello Tony, how are you?

Hey Del, yeah I’m alright been busy few weeks pretty tired but good ha!

Congratulations on the release of “Mirrors”, how does it feel? 

It feels great but personally I’m already thinking ahead I struggle to enjoy the now tbh this is all apart of the tune itself.  Why I write it. But yeah its going great and I feel hyped from all the attention its getting.   

What’s the story behind it? 

It’s a continuous story of growth, this tune has no resolution yet, but these are basically points I need to tackle in my own life. Over the lockdown we had a lot of time to think, maybe ponder to much over the negative but this is what come out of it.  Ironically a chirpy, upbeat tune. 

It’s quite a bright summery track what were the challenges and triumphs you had in writing it?

No particular challenges in fact this one of the only untouched songs I have written, there has been no changes over the growth of the track itself its raw its heartfelt,  it’s simple,  it’s ME.  

Triumphs it’s honest, and I’m proud of this lil indie tune,  when writing it I didn’t think it would be this well received. 

You look like you had a lot of fun shooting the video who came up with the concept for it?

Ashley P Saunders is the guy, he is our drummer also. He has filmed most of the videos we have done.  The shoot was really fun,  we had a low budget so used what we could and asked venues to help out,   we feel the tune says what he has to.  So yeah we’re happy and yeah it was a laugh shooting the video,  messing about and laways a laugh singing and filming and walking pass strangers haha never gets old.  Special shout out to Actress Clair Gleave, the main actress in the shoot.

What was your favourite moment during its filming?

Prob the end bit really nice to see everyone just having a laugh really and being bit silly, was fun also when Clair Gleave was trying to teach me the most basic of steps as you see in the video ha 

Tell us about Tony Goff And The Broken Colours how did it come to be?

It was a progression a few years back and I never wanted to take all the credit, because in any solo act that make it there are several more talented musicians behind them.

Funnily enough Max Whiting an ex drummer came up with the name, they are the splatters of colour over Tony’s Songs, giving them that  Emphh that’s what The Broken Colours means.

Who plays what in the band?

Tony Goff

Tom Paley – Bass 

Ashley P Saunders – Drums 

Daniel Franssens – Lead Guitar 

Kenneth Brown – Trumpet 

What were your influences starting out? 

1st of all was my cousin Joe Mackenzie,  he introduced me to the guitar and it’s a similar story for most the members,  we all love the classics who inspired us aswell, where real rock bands came from 😉 

 You’ve also been out on tour this year, how’s it felt like post lockdown?

Its been a bit different but I suppose it hasn’t affected us much, it gave us to time to focus and plan for our album,  but yeah there is a massive shift coming back.   I feel most sorry for the venues. 

What’s been a funny moment from the road?

Well we havnt been back so long but the other week funny or frustrating depending who you ask,  I had to drive the motor back in LMPTH MODE the other week,  driving around 40 MPH on the moterway was an experience.   Car is F***** hahaha

COVID impacted the creative industry in a big way, what kept you motivated?

I suppose the band the team,  its hard at time to gather the needed motivation I cant lie, but music I feel is why I am here on this earth full stop.   So I’ll keep singing!

The last couple of years have been a time to reflect what have you learned about yourself? 

I think we all learnt a lot about ourselves, myself focused on the negatives after coming out of a break up and reflecting on myself just before lockdown,  for me its about self improvement,  I’ve learnt we have one life and we need to be happy not rich, it’s difficult nowadays to be truly happy,  but its out there.   

Did you learn any new skills?

The boys and me learnt how to self-produce to a degree, live stream and all the tech things we wouldn’t normally do.  So that was a bonus,  and personally I just had to to write and work on the album, we didn’t have much time though as we all work quite long hours.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Doves, Ripe, The Kooks, Vulfpeck,  Cory Wong,  Cold War Kids,  Hey Rosetta 

What are you looking forward to doing next? 

So many things,  shows and recording more of the album later this month, we’ve just announced Lechlade Festival to also playing amongst the likes of the Boom Town rats, cnat wait…. And already planning 2023 tour!  😀 

Special thanks to Alex Mace, Quite Great PR  

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