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Single Review: “Right Now” – Luke White

This is the new single from Luke White, and it’s….


It’s a ballad, the vocals, are out in front, which gives it a solid thumbs up for me, it starts off on just the guitar – I love the attention to detail here with the guitar strings, drums come in at 0:15 just rim shot and and kick, keeping it simple and steady which is always good….

The chorus is catchy, this is radio friendly and pleasant to listen to, Luke’s voice has a low tone to it, and makes you want to go back to listen to his voice again, I would love to know the set up for his microphone for this.

The lyrics are gorgeous…. For me, it’s the way it talks about a world where he feels lost his focus is on finding someone in the darkness where he is now.

As it says in the EPK it is indeed relatable we could all do with someone that you can share the post pandemic world with.

I’m just being sentimental I guess.

Luke White is a singer-songwriter from Bedfordshire whose guitar-based music and heartfelt words mirror his influences John Mayer, Dermot Kennedy, Ben Howard, Tracy Chapman, Damien Rice, and James Blunt. 

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