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Single Review: “Goldfinches” – Ceitidh Mac

This is a cool acoustic number with synths getting all atmospheric for the background, what caught my ear was the bass sound… Having reviewed a band recently that showed me the versatility of the cello, I’m getting the feeling that’s not a bass….

Why do I think this?

Well, Ceiltidh Mac is a cello player, and this has a slight warmth to it…

Hold on, let me go have a look at her YouTube channel….

YES! It’s her playing the cello like a bass!

Ahhh Del… your ears work.

Killed it.

Anyway, back to the song.

Ceitidh’s vocals are husky and I like that, there are no tricks to her voice, she’s singing with honesty… I like the chord progression in this song, as it’s got some interesting choices especially around where she sings “What have we done? What have we done?” That whole section there is sweet.

Ceitidh’s voice is so calming and I needed this.

Thank you.

Ceitidh is a Welsh singer songwriter now based in Newcastle, she combines traditional folk with alt folk and with some electronica too.

She has also supported Rachael Dadd, and progressive jazzers Get The Blessing in the past, and from the look of her site has some live shows coming up.

I’m really loving the idea of using the cello as a bass, that’s really got me.

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