Review: “Heaven And Paradise” – 3D The Boss-Words: Sammy Stein

3D The Boss is an Atlanta-based pop/R&B trio with a big sound that comes from a wealth of experience. The band has as their aim more than to uplift the listener with good music but also to promote a healthy and positive attitude to life, performance, and love. 

They are an interesting ensemble. Comprised of leader, writer, and producer Saint Day (Day Adeogba); keyboard player, writer, producer, and lead vocals, C Lei Boss Lady (Chanda Leigh), and electric bass, backing vocals, and musical director Lady Bass ( Donna Hawkins). Day Adeogba has been a personal trainer, development coach, and speaker for over 23 years. He is the visionary of 3D The Boss. Chanda Leigh/C Lei Boss Lady is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She is a classically trained pianist with a 4-octave vocal range and a graduate of the   Atlanta Institute of Music. She is passionate about Qi Gong, cooking, and fiction writing. She also coaches aspiring artists to improve their music and seek a balanced lifestyle. Donna Hawkins/Lady Bass: has played professionally for over 40 years, toured with Flame and Flash Dance’s Irene Cara and BB King. She promotes healthy lifestyles to artists and survived a heart attack aged 33. She is now a proud mother and grandmother. With all members being trained musicians and wellness coaches, it is little wonder their music has connectivity and positivity that lifts the spirit.

 In ‘Heaven and Paradise’ ( out on Your Day Messenger 4/2/22), they explore the essence of vulnerability and true love as part of the relationship with oneself. The group sing ‘My Heaven and Paradise is with you’ across a soulful, harmonized R& B groove. 

The trio serves musicians and creatives, sharing their wisdom and skill to the table. The video accompanying the release features friends gathering to share food, companionship, and drink. It was filmed at the home of a friend of the band who had been hospitalized due to Covid-19 but is now recovering. The video flips back and forth between the friends at the meal and the band performing and a journey of two friends completely at ease with each other. The track and video reflect on what is important in life – true connections, trust, and interdependence. You can sense the love growing – which is what this is all about. 

3D The Boss have a style reminiscent of the 80s R&B musical approach that harks back to the days of classy gowns, vintage suits, and radio microphones. 

The track comes from 3D The Boss’s award-winning album ‘Push It ( 954833 Records DK 2021). It opens with fast paced, uplifting rhythms, subtle background vocals and then C Lei tells of her joy at having her love by her side and finding heaven and paradise. The backing singers ask how it feels when you are mesmerised and out of your mind with love. The answer is that heaven and paradise is you and love begins with love and you. The whole song is joyful and definitely one to lift the spirit. 

The music is original, fun, and dynamic. The band is the flagship for an approach to music that promotes a healthy lifestyle, along with improving performance techniques and all members are as committed to this as they are to the music. 

One of the many lovely things about the track is the delight the band obviously takes in delivering the message that love conquers everything and gives a heavenly vibe to life and the quality of the music. Great harmonies, rock-solid rhythms, and classy vocals make this much more than just a fun track – it is something joyful to listen to and well worth your time.  


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