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Single Review: “Bump Into Me” – Maya Lane

Maya Lane is back in 2024 with a great indie pop track that screams summer hit for me! The muted guitars under Maya’s voice are like idling engines – this song is about escaping so it fits in nicely – poised ready to go! I love the fact she’s got a picture of a camper van as her single cover – is it a split screen? These details are important! Talking of details the driving rhythm is important to this because it sets the tone and pace, I get the feeling this song was written with road trips in mind, because the tempo fits perfectly, not to mention the fact that it work well on a gym playlist… this is well thought out! It’s a song about motivation at its core, the opening verse draws you in: 

“Me and my ego are falling out, 

I’m building up our home and you’re burning it down,

We’ve got too close for comfort now.” 

Essentially this song is about letting go of things and being able to do things that make you happy….

It’s brilliant. 

All about freedom. 

Welcome back Maya I can’t wait to see what 2024 holds for you!

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