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Blog interview: Michelle Ward

You released your debut single “Dolly Daydreaming” this summer, how do you feel about it?

After many years of recording and writing it was amazing to actually have the first release! It had some great feedback and radio plays. 

What’s the story behind it? 

The song is written for a friend who is having an affair with a married woman. He daydreams about her leaving her husband but she never will. “shut me in, shove me out” is a reference to how he treats his friend in the meantime.

You are a singer/DJ/producer, how did it all begin for you?

I have always sung, I love gigging! The writing of solo material came later. I come from a musicial family with my Dad having the most fabulous singing voice. I fell into presenting a radio show 10 years ago. I am on air 10am – 1pm on Phoenix FM and I have guest interviews, topical news, funny stories and I play a lot of unsigned music. Its really important that unsigned music has daily exposure. I dont tend to play a song once, I will play it over a week or two so it gets into the listeners heart.

What did you listen to growing up? 

Motown, Soul Music, Pop and rock. 

Were there any artists you gravitated towards? 

Mostly soul, jazz, funk singers.  Vocalists like Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Maysa. Bands like Earth Wind and Fire, Quincy Jones, Incognito. 

You are a radio DJ, how did you get into that? 

The recession had hit and I had returned from working in Dublin. I knew the owner through running a recording studio. I was meant to be helping with sales but I was rubbish at that. I did a Saturday show for a year then I fell into weekdays! 🙂 

What’s been a fun moment on air for you?

Pre Covid we had a lot of live bands in the studio for interviews and then a live performance, so I miss the fun of that. I have done a few celebrity interviews and I think one of the best was Bonnie Tyler. She loved talking about gigs and her band. So much enthusiasm for music and the whole rehearsing, performing, touring. Also chatting to Nick Mason of Pink Floyd in his offices in London was fantastic. Interviewing bands like Stereo Club, Vix20,  Leanne Louise, Abi Flynn at the start of their careers as they continue to skyrocket currently.

Being a DJ, what’s one song that gets you grooving in the studio when no one’s looking? 

Couch the Band – Feeling You. Interviewed the band last year, love them! Leanne Louise – Heaven. Dua Lipa & Elton John! 

COVID had a major impact on the creative industry. What kept you motivated? 

I worked throughout the pandemic in the studio, alone. A lot of people were tuned in and stayed with me. They kept me motivated. I kept writing at home and when things opened up again I went to the studio to see Ed Rome (Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Multi Instrumentalist). No gigs! That was a nightmare for everyone in the creative industry. Glad to see gigs are back up and running. 

2020 was a time to reflect what did you learn about yourself?

That life is short so you have to grab happiness and try to be positive about yourself and life in general.

Did you pick up any new skills?

No! At one stage I thought I was going to learn a language, knit a jumper, get fit, paint but I ended up doing none of those things lol. 

What are you listening to at the moment?

I am listening to so much amazing music, Leanne Louise, Stereo Club, Leighton, Vix20, Stephanie Lea, Pimlican Featuring Josie and more

What’s next for you?

I have so much material. I kept writing and recording. Now I have released DOLLY DAYDREAMING, the debut, I will be releasing my second track SECRET SONG October. 

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