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Blog Interview: Dil Assi

Hello Dil how are you?

Easy Del, I am good thanks my man! It’s about time we made this interview happen! 😅

You have a passion for photography. What got you started?

I never really was academically intelligent as a kid, never could focus on my work which shows in evidence I finished my GCSE’s with no pass. But as we all know the real education you pick up is from real life! Always been creative, with music, painting etc. And it was after my GCSE’s I decided I’d pursue my career as a creative.

Do you have a favourite style?

I don’t actually have a favourite style you know. I kind of go by the philosophy of shooting everything, whether it’s architecture, people or landscapes. But my “style” could be classed as Documentary/Street/Urban

How do you like to set up your shots?

Being a documentary photographer, I like for shots to take place themselves, very candid. I have a lot of patience so it allows me to sit and wait for the right opportunity. I don’t use lighting when it comes to shooting portraits, I like working with natural light.

What has been your funniest experience on a shoot?

Wow! My funniest experience on a shoot definitely has to be when I’m shooting with Sean, he’s just picked up photography as is learning so he’s literally my protege.

What equipment do you use?

I use a Canon EOS R with 24-70mm Lens, nifty 50 1.8 and I also keep a carbon fibre tripod by manfrotto. I also have a Canon EOS 5 film camera!

What new skills have you picked up in the last year?

I’ve picked up a lot of skills working at Apple. In terms of photography I learn something new every time, being inspired by my surroundings and other people around me introduces new skills into my work.

You travel a fair amount, what’s been your favourite location to shoot in?

I just came back from Morocco, I absolutely loved it but I would probably have to say Nepal, wish I had longer in Nepal!

If you could go anywhere in the world to photograph where would it be?

Well I really want to visit South America, Peru and Chile to be more precise. The landscapes are beautiful and I’ll be able to capture some amazing stories.

What is the story behind the image that you’ve taken that’s your favourite?

One of my favourite images is taken in Morocco of a Nomad called Ismael who lives in the Sahara. He rides camels all day long and what’s funny is he was watching the African Cup of Nations sitting on top of a big sand dune to get signal on his phone. Morocco has come a long way!

What photo apps do you use most?

I use Lightroom and VSCO mainly. Keep it simple.

What’s your plan for the next year?

Next year I plan on going to Jerusalem and making a Photo project called Palestine. I aim to make a book with the possibility of giving charity to the oppressed Palestinian people in the West Bank and possibly Gaza. That will be an incredible journey and allows me to let their story be heard.

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