Single Review: “Rain” – BaggE

Oh wow.

The first thing that kicks this off is a glissando down a piano, transporting you back in time with some retro funky flavours… It’s like I ran down a giant piano to be plonked into to the late 1970s….

First off this sounds a bit like EWF without the horns, very much a nod to “Fantasy”… The elements that are there are the bass, which is playing off octaves with the guitar that’s played muted, and I swear I hear an electric piano under that octaved riff….

BaggE comes in with a spoken word intro:

“Here we go again,

The rain trickling down my cold cheek

And the clouds gathering and getting darker

And darker,

Can sometimes turn into something so sweet,

So enticing and almost warm with some good music…”

The sizzling soul on this track is incredible!

The groove is beautiful, as noted there’s an EWF feel to this, the electric piano – I’m going to say is a rhodes, it’s not intrusive but you hear it there…

BaggE’s vocals are just gorgeous, there’s a reverb on the background vocals which are singing singing three simple chromatic notes, and it’s stuck in my head. Perfection!

The way the chord structure is is trippy, but it’s keeping with the flavour of the whole track, and it is pleasing to the ear for sure.

This track is co written and co produced by Kwame Kwaten. Kwame is a bit of a legend (A LOT of a legend), a badass keyboard player and a very kind soul. When he sends you music – you listen! That will never get old. Also co written by BaggE herself and Pete Lyons.

Since launching in 2019, BaggE’s contemporary neo-soul sound has been a much admired voice on the circuit, maintaining a solid presence through a constant flow of releases, self-management and independent production.

22 Year old BaggE grew up surrounded by music, particularly influenced by her Congolese heritage and musical family. Inspired by Etta James, Ella Fitzgereld, Jill Scott, Kayne West and Erykah Badu, BaggE is a voice heard across multiple emerging act live sessions and is a name to get familiar with for 2022.


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