Single Review: “Sweet (SoulPersona Remix) – Princess Freesia

“Sweet – (Soulpersona Remix)” – Princess Freesia

This is a remix of a track from Princess Freesia’s fantastic album “Return To Pleasure”. While that album was entirely produced by her she went with her long term writing partner Morgan Howell aka Soulpersona. 

And guess what?

They bring the goods. 

This starts off with some sweet chords on synths and electric piano, ride cymbals being played by the bells – I know that Soulpersona would add those little details as he’s a drummer (And a very capable one too), the Princess brings some beautiful scat vocals in – I’m a sucker for good vocals, and this is sweet, laden with nice delays so it rings out, the groove drops and what we have here is a really lovely bassline, percussion and very 80s sounding drums which I absolutely love…..

Princess Freesia makes this sound sultry, lyrically and musically, her vocals really take you on a journey but my favourite part of this is 2:58 onwards there’s a section where she’s almost singing the horn part – I could almost here the EWF horns wanting to blare this bit out live…. This is just such a strong track, and I’m glad that it got this treatment. 

This has all the good stuff, a bit of jazz, a bit of soul, funk…. 

So… who’s Princess Freesia? 

She’s a singer/songwriter/producer that I’ve known since the days of myspace (Blimey, that’s a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time) Brighton based, Australian originally… 

In her own words… 

I create sultry stellarsonic music! Producer, writer, vocalist, music programmer, and all-round Lovelighter from the Freesian Fields… now that’s the HOXXX!


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