Upgrading…. Upgrading… Up-gra-di-ng

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So, I thought it would be time to upgrade everything that I have. I have been using my current computer, a workhorse if ever there was one for recording for nearly 4 years. It’s taken punishment but I love it, it does the job. But I need faster and better now…

So as of next month I’m getting a custom spec computer dedicated to writing and recording from home, with some new bits like Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 11. As a little aside, I had a big eureka moment over the weekend that made me feel so silly…. I discovered that I was only using about twenty percent of the sounds I had from Komplete Ultimate 9. It was quite a revelation. It had me like….


Well not quite like Kanye.

But you get what I mean. I’m just investing in what I do, I have learned valuable lessons this year through the loss of a work colleague and mentor who through his unique take on life made me realise you can’t sit around waiting for things to happen don’t procrastinate just get on with it….

Thanks Andy.

I’ve also started driving lessons. Yes, someone is trusting me behind the wheel of a car… I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait to be on the road independently. Anyway more news of my adventures soon…..