New Blunder Boys Interview

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Don’t forget to check out the New Blunder Boys on Monday nights at Radio Fox, also follow them at Thankyou!

Matt and Dean aka the New Blunder Boys – thank you for taking the time to talk!
How are you both doing?

We are really good, have to say 2014 has to go down as the best year for us and Christmas was pretty good too.

So – who are The New Blunder Boys? 

We are Matt & Dean, two mates who met in 2005 at Radio Fox and grew together to become what we call a comedy duo, (time to talk about ourselves in the 3rd person) well you got:-

Matt, the older of the two the more sensible one but can be very cocky loves his Films and TV. Then you have Dean who is, well let’s say he not that bright but very loveable and loves his music and loves his girlfriend.

You have a show on Fox Hospital Radio. Tell us about it?

It’s on Monday nights from 6pm till 8pm and its more of a comedy show on radio than a radio show (just means we get away with a lot more talking). We have had some amazing guests on our show, including you Mr. Del oh which I (Matt) have to say was the best interview we have done. Dean would say it was one of the ladies we have interviewed.

What is the one record that changed your life? 

Matt:- well for me it has to be Michael Jackson Bad I played that every day for a year danced around and came out of my shell gave me the confidence to be me.
Dean:- Mine was Oasis All around the world this song got me into music and gave me a passion to become a radio presenter.

What was the first record that you bought?

Matt :- Bon Jovi , livin on a prayer I still love this song sadly I broke the record when I was a kid
Dean- Oasis, what’s the story morning glory?


You like to play unsigned acts on your show and champion new music. Are there any particular acts that you would tip for 2015? 

There are a lot of amazing unsigned acts out there and we have only just scratched the surface. But all of the acts that we have interviews in the last year will be massive in 2015 and we support them all. They all have more talent in their little finger then some main stream acts.

You two have a great partnership on the show, what should we expect from you in the next 12 months? 

We have lots planned for 2015… New look show, more top guest, new type on show on our mixcloud, Youtube videos, a website. We are also just finishing off our first sitcom script and hoping to have some sort of news on that soon.. we know a lot of people say this but we feel 2015 is the year we are going to push The New Blunder Boys.



Ruinz Ason and Jay Flames Live in Estonia

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Earlier this month, @RuinzAson and @JFlamesOnDaBeat undertook a series of live dates in Estonia. The show was a roaring success, and they will be going back on the road to Portugal in February. If you get the chance check them out! I’m very proud of them, keep an eye out! Here are the guys performing four tracks. Keep up to date on their adventures in the coming year at

2014 thoughts and plans for 2015….

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Well it’s been a bit of a strange year. Many major changes. I left my job of 13 years and started a new career in November. It took a lot to get to this point but I’m happy and couldn’t be any happier at this point. Well there’s always going to be more happy but – yeah I’m good right now.

So what’s happened in the last year? Well, I’ve written some new songs, I’m waiting for vocals to come back on two that I’m hoping the artists will release next year. I also scored music for the Amazon bestseller adaptation of “Blackheath Seance Parlour” and longtime friend of Platinum Mind @Alan_L_Williams – the audiobook is available on at the following link.


Rumours are abound that there may be a film being made of it, and I hope I get to score the entire soundtrack – It’s always been my dream to actually do that, and I have some ideas regarding that… It would be lovely to hear my ideas come to life through an orchestra! Will keep everyone posted on that of course… So, I’m looking forward to 2015, and more adventures! Thanks for your support on the site and my twitter account I can’t wait to share what else is in store. Happy Christmas and happy new year.