Blog Interview: Anna Devitt, Comedienne

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Anna Devitt - Comedienne, actress and Laughter Therapist
Anna Devitt – comedienne, actress and laughter therapist, from Scotland, known for her appearances on BGT, as well as appearing on Rab C. Nesbitt as Peaches. Follow Anna on twitter @MsAnnaDevitt for details about gigs.
What has been your favourite onstage highlight during your shows? 
My all time highlight has to be the 48hour madness that was NATY (New act of the year Final) & BGT (Britain’s got talent). These both took place within 48hours. On  the sunday night I was on stage to a sell out crowd of 3000 with Jennie Eclair as a judge in the Bloomsbury Theatre London and the Monday morning, I was due to play to 5000
people at the SECC Glasgow with the BGT judges! My car broke down on the way to London but we made gig number one. However it gave up the ghost on the way back to Glasgow and I had to ask a mate to drive to collect me in Lancaster – it was all a bit crazy to be honest. Luckily I had my best friend Sharon Rooney with me else I think I would still be crying in the service station on the M6!!!! But its my highlight because when I finally walked on stage at the SECC and seen another amazing crowd, in my home town after all the hours on the road and sat backstage – all the hard work, determination, tears and AA calls were worth it. I had good friends who loved and supported me enough to get me there and the sound of the applause coming for that amount of people gives you a feeling like no other. When I watch it back I go wow you were exhausted as I hadn’t slept since we left on sunday morning but it is my fave onstage moment – as it shows hard work, asking for help and believing can get you – your dreams.
What is laughter therapy?
Laughter Therapy is a scientifically proven technique which relives stress and increases productivity. When we smile or laugh it release endorphins to our brains which makes us feel happy. Laughing also acts as a form of exercise and burns calories, it helps boost your immune system too! Oxygen is circulated more in the blood with deep breathing and when we laugh for long time periods its helps improve our health, mental and physical. So its an all round fun beneficial thing to be doing!  I qualified as a laughter therapist in 2012 and started to incorporate Laughter Therapy in my workshops last year, as it is also a great team building exercise and ice breaker. Originally I just wanted to do it because being a stand up comic I wanted to know more about the physiological aspect of laughter but with all its benefits I now use it daily and think more people should be getting involved! My workshops are customized for clients which makes them different and more specified for the results they are looking for.You probably get this a lot but what is your favourite joke? *Keep it clean!* lolMy Favourite joke is “What did the Farmer say when he lost his tractor? Ohar, I have lost me tractor!” Simple.
I do like story telling jokes and observational comedy that’s my favourite type of Comedy.

So how did Truffle come about?
Truffle was created when I was a little girl, about 7. Truffle used to do accents and impressions of people at parties and to cheer my Mum up! Originally she was just two eyes in a Biro pen –  I then brought her out again in college when I was 18. One of the girls was having a really rough time, I just whipped out my belly and drew eyes with a biro then started talking nonsense! It worked she laughed. The actual “Face” was created by my sister Kathryn. I was preforming at a belly dancing event she was doing and I said what will I open with – she said do a belly dance move – I said what like Truffle?? Haha. So yeah, Truffle was created through one gig, my sister and a creative imagination! The Happy Birthday comes from at the Belly Dancing event it was the DJ’S birthday – so it made sense to do a Marilyn Monroe style sing-song. I do enjoy Truffle though as she makes people happy and its about loving the body you have!
What are your plans for 2014?
2013 was such a huge year for me, I feel really blessed by all the great things that happened and the opportunities that came my way – 2014 has a lot to live up to!
My plans at the moment for the year is to be happy! I will continue to grow my business with the workshops, especially for young people. I am doing the Glasgow Comedy Festival again this year with two brand new shows! (Please come people – I don’t want to have to put a mirror on the back wall and preform to myself – AGAIN!). I am working on a new show which I may take to the Edinburgh Fringe – finance permitting! There are a few discussions about me gigging internationally – which would be super exciting and I have been auditioning for various TV productions – so fingers crossed I will be back on screen soon or in a sunny climate! A holiday is happening – I dont know when but this year I WILL take a holiday!  I don’t generally do plans – I like the excitement of just living! So yeah my 2014 my motto – Living It, Loving it.