Spotlight: Andy Coupland of Corby Radio

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Andy Coupland is a DJ who gave me my first airplay with “When Words Aren’t Enough”, and has been a great supporter for us, thankyou Andy…. Please do check out his show on weekday mornings, and follow him on twitter,

“I’m Andy Coupland aka Andy Warzone I present the weekday breakfast show and the saturday live and local show on Corby radio, I’m 52 and have had a love of music all my life, I was a mobile and club DJ for a while and many moons ago ran rock nights in my home town putting on bands such as Terrorvision, The Almighty, Hawkwind, The Hamsters and hundreds more too numerous to list. I also used to manage a few bands, the live and local music show on corby radio offers local,national and international acts a chance to come in and play a live acoustic set on the radio and get their music heard. As well as many local acts I’ve had bands from Bulgaria, America and Australia on the show and every genre folk to heavy metal,pop to cajun and everything inbetween,the only stipulation is it has to be good you can hear me on corby radio on line at or if you live within a 30 mile radius on 96.3fm.”

“Sing For You” – Ruinz Ason


A few months ago I blogged about a collaboration between myself and South London rapper Ruinz Ason and his brother producer Jay Flames with additional vocals from Amy Doyley. This is the track in full. That’s me on piano…. It’s been a busy year for me and this is the song that really got me back to writing and recording again. The song has had a lot of positive reviews which I’m happy about, it’s a step out of my comfort zone as I’ve never done a rap song before, and really enjoyed this one…. It’s also had a lot of air play on stations in the UK, hopefully we will put it out as a single release… Watch this space!