The “Our Friends” blog, new music, and new logo.

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Very soon I’m going to be posting blogs about the people that I’ve met along the way and what they’re up to, along with links to their work.

This will come from all over the place, and I suggest that you check them out, they’ve always got interesting things going on, I won’t reveal too much but keep your eyes peeled!

New music wise, I’ve been working on three new songs – “Picture In My Mind”, “Back To You” and “Deep In Your Heart”. The titles will probably change but I don’t like using obscure names haha…

“Picture In My Mind” is a bit of a soulful tune, kind of influenced by listening to the “Off The Wall” album, I wanted a bit of funk on it, and hope to get a live horn section on there to make it more authentic. The percussion samples were nice to work with but need a bit more work to beef it up, but the co-writer I’m working with on it will definitely add the spice to it. All will be revealed soon. I’ve just finished the first edit on it and will begin the process of mixing the instrumental for her to put down her vocals…

“Back To You” is a return to piano led ballads for me, I love playing the piano, and wrote the main part in about 15 minutes. Over the weekend I added the drums and bass with some strings underlying it, I will put up a clip of it shortly.

“Deep In Your Heart” is a bit funky, and using some horn samples it’s made me want to work with a live horn section. I’ve been in touch with a sax player to play on it and sessions will begin in May. Keep an eye out!

Finally the logo was designed by John at Brand Movers Europe, he did an excellent job over a short period of time coming up with lots of different concepts. I fail at drawing stick men, but I’m able to talk through what I want. The final result is what you see in the background of the page, as well as at the top of the site!

That’s it. Keep your eye out for new things happening, and please do tell your friends about the site. Thanks for visiting!


New gear, new tunes.

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So, in the last month, I’ve bought new equipment. I’ve now got a focusrite soundcard 18i6, which will help especially in live recording situations. I’ve been looking to explore recording acoustic performances especially guitars and brass, so I now have a condenser mic, a Rode NT1A to add to my Samson C1. I want to build up my collection so that I have more of a choice. In the next few weeks I will be recording a 16 bar saxophone solo for one of the new tunes I have been working on.

This leads me nicely on to the new song I’ve been working on. I took a break from recording pretty much last year for personal reasons, but because of a swift kick up the bum from some very special people, I’m back to it. The idea I had was an old school soulful track, with rhodes, percussion in the chorus, a wah wah guitar, and a big horn section as well as a sax solo. Due to some false starts, it’s taken me a while to get it where it is, but as we speak I have a singer/songwriter working on it, all will be revealed soon enough. But let’s just say social media is a good thing. Sometimes.